Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last Night In Paris

One final thing:

No one is probably reading this anymore but just in case anyone is, Paris lead us to one more fun little experience before we left. We had more than enough time to just go out to dinner and neither of us were hungry yet so we decided to copy the day before and go back to the Eiffel Tower one last time. This time with, however, we upped the ante and instead of wine brought champagne. We sat on a different side sipping moderately priced champagne for a while and then when the fact that I had to pee was overruling everything else, we took off to find a restaurant.

Our original plan was to walk several blocks away from the tower in order to find a restaurant that wasn’t super kitschy or over priced. This plan changed to - let’s find the first restaurant we see and go there. The pee factor was getting rather over powering. We did just that, but when we came back from our restroom using and actually looked at the menu we were reminded again of our first plan. The unreasonable expensive menu was filled with things like cheeseburgers, pizza and fries. Really not up for having this be our last meal, we covertly grabbed our stuff and snuck out and down the street. The next several places we found were of a similar vein. It was then that I said, “I bet you once the tower is out of view we’ll find a good place.” Quite literally, the first place we found once the tower was out of view was a cute little mom and pop owned restaurant specializing in duck. We stood outside for a moment doing the, “I’m good with it if you are, “ “you’re decision,” “no, yeah I mean I’m fine with it if you are.” When a girl sitting out side leaned back and said, “if you need help deciding, this place is really good. If you like duck, it’s the best. It’s owned by a really sweet couple.” That was enough for us.

The inside was cosy and resembled something you’d expect to see in the countryside rather than the middle of Paris. The doors were made of wine crates and corks and each table had a toaster on it. The two who owned the place were absolutely darling and the food was outstanding. When we were paying the woman at the register, the girl from outside came in. “Oh hey! Did you guys love it?” We told her we did and she proceeded to gush extensively about the place. The woman said, “tell her about what you eat.” “Oh yes,” the girl said, “ I was actually vegetarian when I came here, but then I tried the duck and now I’m not! This place changed me!” The woman who owned the place just giggled. The girl then began to ask question after question and tell us her life story. She was American but had moved to Paris 2 years back with her French husband. The were regulars at this place and she was there with him, her two brothers in law and her mother from Chile, all of whom she introduced us to. She had us tell them about what we were doing there and how much we loved the place. She went on and on for several minutes and even went so far as to say, “That is such a bummer you are leaving tomorrow! We’re having a bbq and I would have definitely invited you! Awe, are you sure you don’t want to stay a day longer?” At that moment in time we kind of did. But there wasn’t much we could do. When we finally said our goodbyes and gave each other hugs- like true Americans, no kiss kiss for us- and made our way back to our hostel. It was quite a charming way to end the day, trip, and summer. And I never had bedbugs! ...Other people did... But not me.


  1. Thanks for the encore, and the fun blog. It's always great to read about traveling in Europe, and to relive my own study/travel experience (Rome, Florence, Greece, Venice, Paris).

    Good luck with your baking!

  2. See? I just KNEW if I stood in my livingroom and clapped for long enough, you would come out with another story! ;> I do hope you keep this blog up with stories of your Seattle adventures...or start another one with a new theme...